Confidentiality Agreement

Hotel Brokers Inc. proposes to furnish confidential information to the below listed buyer including any of its associates, affiliates, designees, successors, heirs, or assigns (referred to as “buyer”, “you”, and “your”) regarding the below named property (“Property”). Upon submission of your acceptance of these terms as indicated, the property information will be forwarded for your review.

By accepting these terms, you understand and agree that the information described herein is strictly confidential and is not to be made available, shared, divulged or otherwise discussed, with any other prospective party or individual without prior written consent of Hotel Brokers Inc., or Owner/Seller(s). You agree to take all necessary steps to assure that such information about the Property, or any of its employees, officers, agents, clients, attorneys, accountants, or other representatives, shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed or revealed to any outside sources, or used in any manor inconsistent with this Confidentiality Agreement without prior express written consent of the Owner/Seller(s). You agree that any release of confidential information constitutes a breach of duty owed the Owner/Seller(s). You agree on behalf of yourself, your affiliated companies or businesses and their respective directors, officers, employees, and each of them, that in the event there is a breach of this Agreement, the Owner/Seller(s) shall be entitled to an immediate injunction against further breach in addition to all other rights and remedies available for such breach under applicable law.

Hotel Brokers Inc. has compiled the information in the Statements from a variety of sources deemed to be reliable, including Owner/Seller(s), consultant and other resources. The Statements have not been verified by our firm. In addition to the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that Hotel Brokers Inc. and the Owner/Seller(s) do not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within the Statements or subsequent materials that may be requested or supplied by our firm or the Owner/Seller(s). Furthermore, the Statements are subject to modification, updates, errors and omissions and may or may not represent changes in condition of the property or its operation. If, after reviewing this information, you no longer have interest in the Property, please notify Hotel Brokers Inc. Any and all representation shall be made solely by the Owner/Seller(s), only at such time as they are set forth in a signed acquisition or purchase agreement and then subject to the provisions thereof.

If the Statements contain any financial projections regarding future performance such projections are made for reference purposes only and should not be construed as a representation or warranty of future performance. All financial projections and assumptions were based on information available at the time of publication and should not be considered a recommendation, endorsement or advice as to the value or profitability of the property. Each prospective buyer is to rely solely on their due diligence, property evaluations, third party investigations and investment criteria.

You acknowledge and agree that Hotel Brokers Inc. is an agent of the Owner/Seller(s) and solely represents their interests in the sale of the Property. If you have retained a broker or plan to do so in the course of this transaction, you acknowledge and agree that such retention shall be at your sole cost and expense.

You also agree not to disclose any information regarding the potential sale to any Property Employee. You shall not directly contact the Owner, the Property, its manager or management company or the franchise licensor. You shall not visit the property without the Owner’s consent. You will not contact the property or rent a room at the property without the Owner’s consent. All site visits must be arranged through Hotel Brokers Inc.

This Confidentiality Agreement is valid, legal and binding and is governed by the laws of the State in which the subject property(ies) of this Confidentiality Agreement are situated in, notwithstanding any conflicting law provisions of various states that may otherwise govern.